Manicures & Pedicure

Timeless: This treatment stands the test of time, it is the classic. First, we remove all polish from nails, and then the nails are clipped, filed and buffed.  Next, we push back the cutlicles, and for pedicures the foot is exfoliated with both a foot file as well as a sugar/salt scrub, followed by being wrapped in hot towels, and for the best part, we massage your fore arms and hands or calves and feet.  Finally, we  finish by applying a polish of your choice.

50min-$40 manicure | 50min-$45 pedicure

The Secret Spa’s Signature: This treatment is good for anyone with circulation problems, and is the one all others are judged by. This service includes all of the Timeless services plus a longer massage and paraffin wax dip. Followed by the application of your choice of polish.

60min-$55manicure | 60min-$65 pedicure

The Belvedere His/Hers: This decadent treatment includes nail care in addition to hot stones, Thai reflexology, and our exclusive “Secrets” massage routine. Customized organic oils, sugars, teas, & mask are used along  with our herbal apothecary specifically to suit your needs, followed by applying your choice of polish.

75min-$65 manicure | 75 min-$75 pedicure

Gel Polish Mani/Pedi: A petite waterless manicure/pedicure with Soak-Off Gel Polish of your choice. Polish is cured in an LED lamp so it dries instantly. It stays on for up to 3 weeks without chipping or peeling, & soaks off in only 15 minutes. (When making your appointment please let us know if you will need to have gel removed so we we can allot the time)

$45 manicure | $55 pedicure

Stiletto Ready Pedi: This modern beauty is for the girl who needs that extra attention. This treatment includes nail care, in addition to a power peel double exfoliation and mini massage. Finally, we finish by applying the polish of your choice.

55min-$60 pedicure

Turn Back the Hands of Time: This rejuvenating manicure is great for the more experienced skin. This treatment includes nail care that is followed by a power peel, along with custom anti-aging serums that brightens skin and smoothes texture to revel a more youthful touch. Finally, we finish by applying the polish of your choice.

60min-$80 manicure


Nail Enhancements

Acrylic Full Set                              $70

      Fill-in                                             $50

Overlay                                               $55

Pink & White                                  $75

      Fill-in                                  $50-$60

Overlay                                              $55

LCN Fullset                                      $85

      LCN Fill-in                                   $75

Paraffin Treatment           $10-$15

Nail Art per nail                        $TBD

French Poilsh add on           $5

Gel Polish Add-on.              $10

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