Massage & Body Treatments


Aromatherapy Massage: Much like the traditional Swedish massage but so much more! Specific spinal pressure and essential oils customized to your needs and infused into the spine to promote sleeplike state.  Light to medium strokes use an ocean like rhythm to rock the body into a blissful cloud of slumber. Perfect for beginners or for those who just love to be lulled to sleep & relax.
30min-$55 | 60min-$90 | 90min-$125 | 120min-$170

The Belvedere Massage: Our signature massage blends all of our treatments together to provide the most unique service just for you. Allow our skilled therapist to rejuvinate you into the integrated massage customized to meet your needs.
30min-$65 | 60min-$105 | 90min-$145| 120min-$195

The Warrior: Thermal herbal packs and pain relief topical herbs are used to help to heal what ails you. A unique fusion of neuromuscular therapy, myofascial release stretching and trigger point therapy brings back the most wounded warrior. This treatment involves a specific routine to assist with athletes or anyone with more physical issues, for intensive work we suggest letting our therapist customize you a package series of 6*
30min-$75 | 60min-$120 | 90min-$160| 120min-$220

Blue Ridge Hot Stone Ritual: Taken from rituals using heated river and gem stones & specific oils infused with ancient “medicines” for healing. Relax the body soothe and your mind.
30min-$75 | 60 min-120| 90 min- $160 | 120min-$220

Honoring the Mother Massage: Supports, nurtures & comforts expectant mothers or new mothers alike. Choose from our unscented or maternal blend, we complete this experience with a soothing cool stones and foot mask to soothe the soles.

(Not reccomended in first trimester)

60min-$90 | 90min-$130

Healing Touch Massage: Perfect for those in a sensitive state of chemotherapy or requiring some extra pampering. Careful pressures and thermal pack are applied and cool stones are used to soothe the soul.
60min-$100 |90 min-$140

Reflexology:  This 2,000 year old modality uses gentle pressures, relaxing movement, & hydrating botanicals to balance the body through specific points on the feet, hands, and face.
30 min. Tune Up $65     (or)   the Royal 60 min $115


Body Treatments

Supple Skin Body Scrub : Delightfully utilizes organic salts, herbs, and coconut oil to exfoliate, detoxify and leave your body hydrated and glowing!        


Mountain Mud  & Sea Detox Wrap: This wrap begins with a full body exfoliation, relaxation full body massage and a mud and algae wrap.         90min. $165

Organic Herbal Bath: A luxurious organic herbal bath that is infused with aromatic oils and mineral salts of your choice.

When added to any treatment. 30min-$40 |20min-$30


 $15 each

Dry Brush Exfoliation

Hydrating Facial Masque

Aromatherapy Scalp Massage

$20 each

Hot Stones

Supple Feet – Foot Exfoliation and Masque

3-Step Ultimate Facial Cleanse

Aqua Collagen Eye Treatment




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